365 Project – Day 59 – Wise Old Man

So I nearly forgot to do my ‘Same Tree Different Month’ so today’s post is of ‘The Tree’ – I always wonder about all the things they’ve seen in their long existence and the secrets they hold close. I wish I could hold my tongue so well!! Have a great evening/day 🙂 Love & Peace




365 Project – Day 34 – Night Sky

Hi guys, hope you’ve had a lovely weekend 🙂 This evening I saw the sky outside my house looking quite inky with some flashes of pink running through. I thought it looked kind of pretty especially behind the trees. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a shot of the pink right behind the branches of this tree but I still like the effect. thank you for looking – Love & Peace

Pink and Blue Sky

Pink and Blue Sky

365 Project – Day 24 – The Great Majesty of Nature

A series of pictures representing nature prevailing agianst all odds. I was so chuffed to notice today that my little magnolia tree is budding. I find it amazing how, after all the snow and ice recently, that Mother Nature reigns supreme.

D24  (2)

D24  (7)

D24  (3)

D24  (5)

D24  (1)

Hope you like the pictures 🙂 Love & Peace

365 project – Day 22 – Trees

I make no apologies for staying on the snow theme 🙂

I always think that trees look so beautiful when they’re snow laden. The following pictures were taken in my garden, hope you like them:

Snow Queen

Snow Queen

D22 b

D22 c

Hope you enjoyed more from the Winter Wonderland of Birmingham…………(smirks)

Have a fantastic evening – Love & Peace  x


365 Project – Day 7 – Cheating Yourself

I had a dilema today; I was going to post a picture that I created last night. My reasoning was that I didn’t expect to have time today to take a picture for my 365. So I decided that it would be ok to post a picture I made last night because I was after all making the image for today’s post.

However my conscience kicked in and nagging doubt crept up on me. A 365 Picture A Day project should be just that shouldn’t it? I have made a commitment to myself to take a picture everyday for 365 days, right? So……posting last nights picture is cheating!

I realised that I would only be cheating myself and that’s the worst thing you can do; cheat yourself. Period. Whatever you do in life you should be true to yourself and your principles. Armed with my conscience and camera (which I have started to take EVERYWHERE – except the bathroom because that would be weird!) I headed out to the park near my office.

Luckily for me I managed to kill two birds with one stone as there was a lovely tree with interesting branches that would be perfect for my ‘Same Tree, Different Month’ project. Without further ado here is today’s picture:

Strong & True

Strong & True

So pleased with myself for not ‘cheating’ I can feel happy, content and peaceful. Which brings me onto the topic of peace and wishing to share love and peace to ALL; this was going to be the topic for my ‘cheating’ picture which I made last night. so not wanting to go into a whole load of waffle I have posted below the picture from last night and wish you all Love, Light and Peace for EVER.