19/365 – Macro Day 5 – Experimenting

So today I just decided to play a little and experiment with a couple of textures and played safe with some flora – Here’s today’s macros.

Have a beautiful weekend all – Love & Peace 🙂

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17/365 – Macro D3 – Magnolia Bud

OK Today I limited myself to only one shutter press to ensure I take more care of what is in the shot – Probably could have done better, but hey ho. Settings for image: 65mm, F16, 1/125 ISO 320 (with 10x macro filter on) . And of course edited to BW.

Magnolia Bud

Magnolia Bud

8/365 – Waiting

We’re always waiting for something; the bus, the love of our life, the winning lottery numbers, waiting all the time for something – We should try living every moment as if it were our last – in joy and love and know that all things will come to us in good time  🙂 Love & Peace – Have a gorgeous monday!

Bus Stop

Waiting for Life to Begin?

7/365 – Blue Flowers

This is the last of this weeks theme (flora and fauna), hope you like it, not sure what they are – although similar to blue bells they’re not English  Blue Bells- Next weeks theme will be people – Should be an interesting challenge. Hope you had a splendid weekend 🙂 Love & Peace

Blue Flowers

Blue Flowers (Not English Blue Bells)

5/365 – Blue Lily

Sticking with the theme of flora and fauna but thought I’d try something a little different – what do you think?
Have a vibrant weekend 🙂 Love & Peace

Blue Peace Lily

Blue Peace Lily