Same Tree – Different Month – May

Oak Tree

Oak Tree

I usually take the picture from the other side – Just thought I’d try something different.


25/365 – Simply Apple

Just looking at light and shade on an apple from various angles.

19/365 – Macro Day 5 – Experimenting

So today I just decided to play a little and experiment with a couple of textures and played safe with some flora – Here’s today’s macros.

Have a beautiful weekend all – Love & Peace 🙂

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18/365 – Macro Day 4 – In The Kitchen

Limited myself to only 3 clicks of the shutter today and this is the result (I was in the kitchen and I have to say I have not been very imaginative) ……….

Negative Space

Negative Space

Negative Space the Original

Negative Space (The Original)




Was hoping I’d catch the little rainbows on the bubbles but really it was fail that looked ok’ish in BW…..

This was simply a fail.....

This was simply a fail…..but it was what I took on a 3 click day so here it is





16/365 – Macro Day 2 -Flowers

Today I limited myself to three frames only (literally, 3 shutter presses only) and these are the results (sitting on the carpark at work in high heels is NOT the best way to get a decent composition!). Taken using a macro filter all 3 images on the following settings: F16, Shutter 1/128, 65mm with 10X filter attached and ISO 800 (probably could have gone lower – Lesson Learnt)

Blue Flower 1

Actually the 2nd frame taken but my favourite

2nd Frame Taken

Blue Flower 3

3rd Frame – Wish I’d positioned this better