Portrait of My Daughter – Playing with Layers

I’m not so great with the digital editing so I thought I’d have a go at playing with layers to creat an image. What do you think about it??? The oiginal picture was a portrait of my daughter. She is a beautiful soul, a child of the universe and a lover of the earth and all it’s inhabitants and so I thought this an apt image for her 🙂 Love & Peace

Earth Angel

Earth Angel

365 Project – Day 58 – My Daughter

Had a beautiful evening connecting with my daughter who’s moved out and going to Coventry Uni at the moment – I Miss her so – they grow up so quick – Hope you all have beautiful moments connecting with those who matter every day xxx so here’s my daughter – Love & Peace xxx



My lovely Daughter

My lovely Daughter


365 Project – Day 19 – Roxanne

Hi Guys,

Just a quick post – Sorry it’s late in the day …..but I’m still in the process of shooting (not with a gun because that would be illegal!) my cousin Roxanne.

She didn’t arrive until late this evening but then that’s typical of her ….. 🙂

So here’s today’s pictures (more will be posted form this shoot at a later date):

Roxanne - Black & White

Roxanne – Black & White

Roxanne Colour

Roxanne Colour

Well – I hope you like my efforts of today – Will post more fromt his shoot at a later date.

Have a wonderful night – Love & Peace x



Some Recent Portraits

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a couple of little princesses. They had such great spirit that it was truly a pleasure.

These images were taken with a 50mm prime lens – currently my fave lens.

Emma  (45)

I just LOVE ‘Pops’ energy and cheekiness in this shot. Princess behaving badly.

Emma  (1)

I am left wondering just what she’s thinking

Emma  (29)

I was very pleased with this image – such a pretty girl

Emma  (96)

A Gorgeous Innocent Smile