365 Project – Day 7 – Cheating Yourself

I had a dilema today; I was going to post a picture that I created last night. My reasoning was that I didn’t expect to have time today to take a picture for my 365. So I decided that it would be ok to post a picture I made last night because I was after all making the image for today’s post.

However my conscience kicked in and nagging doubt crept up on me. A 365 Picture A Day project should be just that shouldn’t it? I have made a commitment to myself to take a picture everyday for 365 days, right? So……posting last nights picture is cheating!

I realised that I would only be cheating myself and that’s the worst thing you can do; cheat yourself. Period. Whatever you do in life you should be true to yourself and your principles. Armed with my conscience and camera (which I have started to take EVERYWHERE – except the bathroom because that would be weird!) I headed out to the park near my office.

Luckily for me I managed to kill two birds with one stone as there was a lovely tree with interesting branches that would be perfect for my ‘Same Tree, Different Month’ project. Without further ado here is today’s picture:

Strong & True

Strong & True

So pleased with myself for not ‘cheating’ I can feel happy, content and peaceful. Which brings me onto the topic of peace and wishing to share love and peace to ALL; this was going to be the topic for my ‘cheating’ picture which I made last night. so not wanting to go into a whole load of waffle I have posted below the picture from last night and wish you all Love, Light and Peace for EVER.