365 Project – Day 6 – A Little Sunshine

I’m not having such a great day today and this seemed to reflect in my photography project attempt.

I had decided to try to make up my own little ‘light box’ – I thought I would get some amazing pictures of backlit orange slices. Oranges being such a bright and cheery colour  I thought would cheer up my mood.

Unfortunately my attempt at a makeshift lightbox was rather unsuccessful – the photos more than a little disappointing. This just added to my feeling down (Winter has a horrible habit of affecting me this way).

Anyway; upon ‘reflection’ and after a little manipulation in Corel Paintshop I managed to create an image that was pleasing enough to me – It reminds me of sunshine – something we could all do with in the depths of winter. So here it is “A Little Sunshine”


A Little Sunshine

A Little Sunshine

So, wishing you a little sunshine in your life too – Love & Peace