A Grey Old Day – 365 Day 4

So it’s a lovely grey old, wet day today where I Live and so this gave me a theme for day 4: Greyscale.

I was sat at work thinking about possible subjects for today and realised the dullness of office objects; Yes, this would match perfectly the tone of the day. Although I must confess to jumping on ebay to get me a macro lens; I can see potential in shapes and could perhaps make more interesting images from the seemingly mundane. Macro photography will be a new thing for me.

The first image is simply of a little pot I keep on my desk.


Clean Cut

Clean Cut


The next couple of images are of the plants that adorn my office – I couldn’t resist them; I always enjoy taking pictures of plants and flowers.

I gave them the greyscale treatment and was fairly pleased with the result.

D4 D4 (2)

I know these images are a bit, well…….boring but to be honest that has been how the day has felt thus far. However my husband is about to take me out on a date (wooo hooo) so the evening is going to be much better. Here’s hoping tomorrow is more promising (after all it is The weekend! 🙂 ) – Love and peace xx