First Working Day of 2013

Ok so it’s my first day back at work after the UK Christmas holiday 😦  and the second day of my 365 project 🙂 .
The picture of the day is of my two cute, knitted monkeys that sit on my desk. They reminded me of the time spent snuggled up on the sofa with my husband over the Christmas period. Those precious moments of feeling safe, warm and loved in the arms of another are quite simply priceless and unfortunately few and far between in these busy days. I hope the picture brings a smile or a memory to you.


Unfortunately my day job (in an office!!!) is not likely to give me all that many photo opportunities and so I will have to get out and about at lunch time (this should be a good thing though). It’s likely that I shall have to resort to taking pictures of the animals and objects that surround me on my ordinary day. This makes me think that the project will be more like a story of my life than a photography project; I am worried at this point that my pictures will be of no interest to anyone but myself but I hope that you will enjoy seeing what comes next. Anyway pictures are meant to tell a story, right?

Thank you for looking – Love and Peace for 2013 xx