365 Project – Day 31 – That’s Just Vine

High five to me, having completed the first month of my 365 I’m feeling quite pleased with myself. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to come up with an amazing arty effort for the last day of the first month but hey ho. I have a trailing plant growing in my kitchen that has beautiful heart shaped leaves and I thought “that will do just ‘vine'” Note to self: Use a lower ISO AND clean the darn leaves first – Lesson learnt: Attention to detail!
Hope you like ……… have a beautiful evening 🙂 Love & Peace

A hearty vine Leafy

A hearty vine Leafy

D31 (1)

D31 (3)


365 Project – Day 30 – Studying

So today has been all about studying for exams I have at the beginning of March this year. In order to save some precious time I decided to incorporate my 365 into my revision period. Sorry it’s not too exciting but this was my day today. Whatever you’re doing this evening I hope it’s a wonderful one 🙂 Love & Peace

Studying Hard

Studying Hard

365 Project – Day 29 – Blood Orange

Sorry folks for this feeble effort today. Rushed off my feet as usual and only managed to get a quick shot of the blood orange I had with my lunch! As you can tell this was a REALLY creative moment…………..Ahem. I think this can be safely filed under EPIC FAIL. On the bright side; at least I still made a post 🙂 Love & Peace

Blood Orange FAIL

Blood Orange FAIL

365 Project – Day 28 – Candlelight

A few images by candle light.

I thoroughly enjoyed todays mini project – making star shape light from candles. Created using a small aperture and long exposure (30 secs), ISO 100.  The first image of Yin and Yang reminds me to try to find balance in all things, something I desperately need to do sometimes as I’m ALWAYS busy! The second image I just thought was pretty and the third image I liked because the flame looks like a tulip, there must have been a draft during the exposure. Hope you like them too – Love & Peace 🙂

Yin Yang

Candle Light

Tulip Flame

365 Project – Day 27 – Orchid Roots

Still trying with the macro filter, it works a lot better with the aperture stopped right down. I was just messing really but kind of liked the roots of this orchid we have in our kitchen. I managed to get quite a good depth of field here, even being hand held. Now I’m thinking “Buy some flowers woman!” :

Orchid Roots

Orchid Roots

Well that’s all folks!  – have a lovely evening – Love & Peace : -)

365 Project – Day 26 – Glass Of Wine?

Oh go on then it is the weekend……. I really quite like the colours on this glass and thought it might look cool lit up by the torch on my phone. So the following are a series of pictures of tonight’s wine glass:D26 (2)

Is Darth Vader Hiding In My Glass?

Is Darth Vader Hiding In My Glass?

Side Lit To Show Colours in the Glass

Side Lit To Show Colours in the Glass


So I’m going to continue drinking my wine now – whatever you’re doing this evening I hope it’s wonderful – Love & Peace x


365 Project – Day 25 – Still Trying

Having gotten completely bored with the snow now I thought I’d go back to trying to work with my new macro filter.

Still struggling with getting enough depth of field but being lazy and shooting hand held I really shouldn’t expect magic. Hey ho – here’s my latest attempt:


Silk Flower

Thank you for looking – Have a lovely evening 🙂 Love & Peace


365 Project – Day 24 – The Great Majesty of Nature

A series of pictures representing nature prevailing agianst all odds. I was so chuffed to notice today that my little magnolia tree is budding. I find it amazing how, after all the snow and ice recently, that Mother Nature reigns supreme.

D24  (2)

D24  (7)

D24  (3)

D24  (5)

D24  (1)

Hope you like the pictures 🙂 Love & Peace

365 project – Day 22 – Trees

I make no apologies for staying on the snow theme 🙂

I always think that trees look so beautiful when they’re snow laden. The following pictures were taken in my garden, hope you like them:

Snow Queen

Snow Queen

D22 b

D22 c

Hope you enjoyed more from the Winter Wonderland of Birmingham…………(smirks)

Have a fantastic evening – Love & Peace  x