Hello world!

Ok so I’m going to be bombarding this blog with images as I desperately try to improve my photography skills and hopefully find some creativity in my bones.

I am starting a random subject 365 project (yes, cliche I know!!) on January the first, 2013; subject to the world still being intact of course and that no aliens have taken over the planet or any other such doomsday prophecy has come true. I’ve heard that this type of project is difficult to keep going so it should prove testament to my dedication………or lack of so the case may be.

I shall also be uploading various images as and when I can and have a number of other projects in mind to help get the creativity flowing.

I have focused on portraiture and flowers to date because I love the subjects and so undoubtedly there will be a lot of that.

So, I look forward to posting my works as I progress through the year and hope that you will enjoy looking through the images  and leaving comments as you see fit. I’m going to crack on now and put up some pictures………………….